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Freezer Filling - minimum four portion order of same dish @£6.50per dish

Beef chilli

Whole chunks of succulent beef in a warming chilli sauce

Shepherd’s pie

An oldie, but a goodie…lamb mince with a creamy potato topping

Vegetable & lentil cottage pie

This veggie version is delicious, even for the most confirmed meat eater!

Pork cassoulet

Pork belly, slowly cooked with sausages and beans

Chicken tikka masala

A takeaway classic using our secret homemade curry paste

Classic lasagne

The secret to our ragu is long, slow cooking for this family favourite

Beef & ale stew

A true winter warming dish of slow cooked beef

Lamb masala meatball curry

Our take on this Friday night favourite

Moroccan lamb stew

Full of Middle Eastern spices, this lovely stew packs a punch on the flavour scale

Fish cakes

Our fish comes from Cornwall, and our fish cakes are made with the catch of the day

Veggie packed chilli

Perfect for a meat free Monday or a lovely vegetarian option

Sweet & sour chicken

One of Mel’s favourites, using a recipe from the heart of her family


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